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Plan a Working Vacation

Everyone is familiar with taking a vacation. Giving yourself time away from work to focus on you. What that means is going to be unique to you. It can be travel or spending time with family. It’s therapeutic and reinvigorating.

In each of the past 4 years, I’ve used a portion of my vacation days to take a ‘working vacation’. The concept is the same, taking some time away from work to focus on you. The difference is that a working vacation has a personal goal in mind. It can be learning a new skill or working on a personal project. It’s also therapeutic and reinvigorating.

My 2019 working vacation goal was to become a Salesforce Certified Application Architect. It’s something that I didn’t have time to do because of the work-related responsibilities that take up my time. I took a working vacation and completed 4 certifications over the course of 1 week.

Salesforce Certification List

We’re now in the 1st week of 2020. Take a moment to think about what you want to do this year, for yourself, not for work. What personal projects excite you? What new skill have you always wanted to learn if you only had the time? When can you start your working vacation?

Originally posted on my LinkedIn on January 4, 2020.


Reflections on Expectations

Originally posted on my LinkedIn on May 24, 2019.

8 years ago, when I got my CPA at 23, I thought this would be the last exam I would ever write. There are tons of CFOs out there with just that so that would be all I need for my career.

2 years later, when I got my MBA at 25, I thought that would be the last exam I would ever write. I now have a more well-rounded business education outside of Finance and Accounting.

3 years later, when I became a Certified Salesforce Platform Developer at 28, I thought that would be the last exam I would ever write. I certainly wouldn’t still be writing exams into my 30s. I can now show that I can do everything required in Finance Operations for medium to large enterprise companies.

3 years later, today, I became a Certified Salesforce CPQ Specialist at 31. I no longer presume to know what skills I’ll need to tackle the problems of the future. What I do know is that whatever is ahead, I’m ready.

Salesforce CPQ Specialist Credential

Candy Number Crunch Saga Released!

Candy Number Crunch Saga is a stock trading simulation game that runs entirely in Microsoft Excel!

New Game

Candy Number Crunch Saga takes place in the not too distant future where (KING) has had a successful IPO. The burden is on you, brave stock trader, to invest wisely and become richer beyond your wildest dreams!

Key Features:

  • Over 35 unique (and sometimes wacky) news events that impact the stock price. Every game is different!
  • Realistic stock transactions.
  • A real-time stock ticker.
  • The entire game runs in a Microsoft Excel workbook.

This game was made in my spare time over the course of 4 days for Candy Jam. The game is open-source so feel free to explore the source code!

Download here:

Candy Number Crunch Saga is available on PC Excel versions 2007, 2010 and 2013. Mac Excel versions are not supported.

I’m doing an AMA on Friday April 12 at Noon EST

EDIT @ 11:33 AM EST: Now Live!

Hey Redditors!

I’ll be doing an AMA on Friday April 12 at Noon EST. Will we have a thought provoking discussion? Will it degrade into a chaotic mess? You decide!

Gamer Left Behind – Arena.Xlsm Preview

Check out this video of Arena.Xlsm being played by Don at Gamer Left Behind. This is a pretty good walk-through of the early parts of the game. Also the music is super catchy! 😀


Arena.Xlsm Version 1.1 Preview

First and foremost, thank you all so much for the feedback and bug reports! It really helps me nail down issues.

Here are the following top 3 items I’m looking to address in version 1.1.

  1. The dreaded 1004 run time error. This only appears to impact Excel 2007: Student Edition users (EDIT: not just the student edition but also not all of the editions… thanks for the bug reports, this one is complicated!). I’ve found out what is causing the bug but there is also a cosmetic problem of the blood counter not updating properly for these users in the spreadsheet (it updates fine in the spellbook). This is my top priority so that everyone can play and enjoy the game. To help me with this, I am recruiting tester volunteers who have the Excel 2007: Student Edition (Edit: I am happy to accept volunteer testers with any version of Excel, but please let me know which version you have before you apply). Please send me an e-mail or leave a comment below if you wish to volunteer.
  2. Alec Trevelyan glitch – There is currently a glitch on this encounter where if you exhaust the boss it will continue to respawn indefinitely.
  3. “Of Draining” items are currently overpowered and will be rebalanced. The current plan is to change it from a passive ability to an on-hit ability to bring its power more in-line with other comparable items.

Anyways, that’s what is in the works! I hope to get this out this weekend. Please feel free to post your opinions or suggestions in the comments or you can reach me on twitter @CaryWalkin or by e-mail.


Edited: More bug reports indicated that this may be more widespread than initially thought

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