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Title  Name  Fame 
Founder Daghoth $20
Supporter Eric Speas $10
Fan Cyol $5

Donation FAQ

Why are you soliciting donations?

I’ve gotten enough requests for this that I probably should have the option available. If you’ve enjoyed my content so much that you feel compelled to send me money, well that is awesome and you are a great person! 🙂 All donated funds will go towards supporting my content as well website costs.

What will I get for my donation?

My thanks! Slightly more tangibly, your name will be added to the Hall of Fame above. You can choose whatever name you want to be displayed. Donations made with names that already exist on the Hall of Fame will be aggregated.

Why are you using PayPal? Don’t you know they are a tool of Satan?

I’m very sorry about PayPal being PayPal… I wanted to use Google Checkout but for some reason they don’t support Canadian sellers.

What will you do with the money that is donated?

Cash donations will be restricted to supporting game development including: software costs and server costs.

Can I send you Steam Gifts in lieu of a donation?

Sure, my Steam account is Asok. Please include what you want your name to be in the Hall of Fame in the message. The full retail value of your gift will be the amount reflected on the Hall of Fame.

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