Arena.Xlsm Closed Beta Invitations Are Now Being Sent!


The Closed Beta invitations are now being sent out to the lucky few who have expressed interest in previewing or testing Arena.Xlsm prior to the release date in March 2013. The invitations are being sent out over the next 7 days.

Closed Beta FAQ

What are the system requirements for Arena.Xlsm?

I have tested Arena.Xlsm to work with Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Excel 2010 on Windows 7. Part of the closed beta process is finding out what other systems Arena.Xlsm works on as well as which systems cause problems.

What are the content limitations for the Arena.Xlsm closed beta?

The narrative included in the closed beta ends after the first boss. When the full game is released in March 2013, it will have the missing parts of the story.

I want to play the game but have no genuine interest in providing you with any feedback. Can I have a beta invite?

Patience is a virtue, the full game will be released in March 2013 with all of the content so that you will have the complete Arena.Xlsm experience.

I received a closed beta invitation. Where do I download the game?

Arena.Xlsm is attached to your beta invitation, it’s just one file. It’s that easy!

I received a closed beta invitation, and would like to provide feedback or bug reports. Where do I find your contact information?

My contact information is in the About page.

When I open the game, nothing happens. How can you call this a game?

Arena.Xlsm uses excel macros. In order to play the game you must enable macros. If you see a security warning at the top of the spreadsheet, click on the “options” button, select “Enable this content”, and then select “OK”.

Are there any restrictions like a non-disclosure agreement that I must agree to in order to participate in the closed beta?

There is no non-disclosure agreement. Feel free to talk about Arena.Xlsm and post photographs or video from the game. My only request is that you do not forward the closed beta version of Arena.Xlsm to anyone. If someone needs it they can request an invite or wait for the full release in March 2013.

I am scared of Excel macros, I’ve heard they can damage your computer if written maliciously and Excel wants to protect me from your game. Are you trying to infect me with a virus?

Have no fear my paranoid friend. My name is all over this project, which means there is significant reputational risk to me if there was a virus in here. There is no incentive for me to want to ruin your day!

I’m an artist. Can I make custom art/textures for Arena.Xlsm for credit in the game?

Yes, I’d love to see people’s creativity in this area. Feel free to send submissions to me directly (contact information is in the About page).

Can I slap my name on it and call it my own work?

While I cannot physically stop you, this type of action is copyright infringement and plagiarism.

I’m interested in testing Arena.Xlsm, or I am a member of the media, or I work in the industry. How can I request a closed beta invitation?

Feel free to send beta invitation requests to me directly (contact information is in the About page) along with your e-mail address. I will review these on a case-by-case basis.

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