Arena.Xlsm Animations Early Preview

I was going to hold off on uploading this until I had more animations in the game but I felt the desire to share. So this is a early preview of what will be coming in the future. Please forgive the choppiness and lack of audio, in the future I will use better screen capture software.

  1. Hey Cary- I like the new animations that show how much damage you are inflicting on the enemy. Looks cool. Is this already available? If not… when do I get it in my grubby little hands ? 🙂


    • Hi Rick,

      This is not yet available, it’s part of a much larger update to the game which should be ready Q1 2014. If you want early access, I can add you to the list of beta testers just send me an e-mail with what version of Microsoft Excel you are using.


      • Thanks Cary. Definitely interested in being a beta tester. Will shoot you an email shortly. Excited to see what you are working on 🙂

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